Garlicky Chicken and Broccoli

I joined Weight Watchers this month.  I have decided that I need to decide whether to become a bowling ball or get my act together.  I decided that I need to get my act together.

At the meetings, they typically give out a recipe.  This is the one they gave out this week, and I thought what the heck.  We were going to try it.  It was really good.  I kinda of messed up a bit by not following the recipe.  In this case, it worked out really well.   Here’s the way the Weight Watchers’ recipe goes.


I was in a hurry and accidentally skipped a couple of steps.  I made the marinade right and got the chicken soaking, but I combined all the rest of the ingredients to make the sauce..oops.

The second mistake was I dumped my chicken…marinade and all… into the frying pan and fried it all instead of poaching it.  Once the chicken was done, I added the veggies and then the “all ingredient” sauce.

I was a bit nervous since I was supposed to throw away the marinade, but it was a big success.  I also served it over rice.  With a family of 7…on government furlough….meaning no pay check….I had to add some bulk to stretch it out.

This received two thumbs up.  The family wants it in the rotation but with the changes I made.


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