What’s for dinner, Mom?

Dinner is always a hot topic at home.  The children are always hungry.  Not so long ago, I became trapped in a cycle of same old same old.  The children would cringe with the answer.  It became apparent that I needed to change.  I needed to add variety.  We needed something new.

About his this same time, I discovered “The Pioneer Woman”.  My children rejoiced.  In fact if my then 6 year old noticed I was cooking, he became immediately suspicious if he didn’t see a paper.  He would almost panic and begin asking “Where’s the paper?  Where’s the paper?”  It took me minute to figure out what he was talking about, but then it clicked.  He wanted a recipe in my hand.  The Pioneer Woman was  his savior and mom better not cook without her.

I have since branched out to other places and are all much happier with the variety.  My now 7 year old has stamped his seal of approval on many new dishes.


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