Meet the Goats

Here are our goats.  The huge white one is Robert.  Our neighbor tried to have a goat farm, but she didn’t have the heart to sell them.  It finally became too much and she had to give them up.  When she quit, she asked us to take the ones who were special to her.

Robert was her first born kid.   He is the leader of the pack, the boss, the big cheese.  All the others do what he says.  His horns will make you take notice.  He held a special place in her heart and she wanted him somewhere where he would be safe.

The black and white ones were her pets.  They are fainters.  Now, we have 3 of them.  Our kids used to drive the fainters crazy causing them to faint constantly.  The way it works is if they get nervous they have little seizures and fall over.  It is really strange.  They just stiffen up and fall over.  It was so convenient when we needed to medicate them.  The kids just ran at them screaming.  They would fall over and the worm medicine was in.

No good thing lasts.  Over time our goats have gotten so used to screaming children, they don’t even blink.   No more fainting.  They barely look up from eating.   The kids scream and the goats just look at them like they are crazy.  The goats love the kids especially the little ones.  When my little ones come out, the goats get excited.  They run up to the fence waiting.  They know good food is on the way.  The little ones are always giving them apples, carrots, etc.

But…they have a six sense.  As soon as we walk out of the house with wormer, Robert and his crowd take off to the far reaches of the pasture and the chase is on.  So now when we medicate them, we chase the little devils.   I really miss the fainting days and I wonder how they know.


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