Meet Bear or Beer as the little ones used to call her.   She came to live with us when she was 6 months old.  From the very beginning she has LOVED the children.  They can do no wrong with her.  They ride her.  They use her as a cushion.   They sit on her.  Nothing they do is wrong in her eyes.  She quickly figured out they were miniature food banks.  Where they ever they went, crumbs were sure to follow. She loves the kids.

Bears biggest problem is she’s not to keen on adults.  When we first got Bear when we walked in the room, she would leave.  I think the only redeeming characteristic we have for her is the children.  We have had her 6 years now and just this year she has decided that Jim and I are okay.  We feed her;  give her drinks; and let her in and out of the the house. We can be tolerated.

Bear is also the biggest food thief we have.  She has proven to me she has a cast iron stomach.  Where chocolate would normally sideline a dog, Bear thrives on it.  She spends her days thinking of ways to steal the kids chocolate.  No Halloween bag is safe.  Just yesterday, she ate Robbi’s Chocolate Bouquet -all 12 full size chocolate bars.  Not even a burp.

Another big coup for her was when she ate Will’s Chocolate Birthday Cake.  I had just removed it from the oven and we were letting it cool…Bear’s chocolate buzzer went off and she ate the whole 9″ by 13″ cake.  She LOVEs chocolate.  I on the other hand had to make a quick trip to the store for a Birthday Cake!

Where the kids are, you will find Bear!

Jacob and his pillow.  She is in heaven.  The amazing thing about her is she has NEVER growled at the kids.  They can do no wrong.  Trust me some of the things my kids do, I would have growled at them.

Bear is also affectionately called “Our Gaseous Giant”.  The kids named her that after studying the planets.  I think Bear’s Chocolate diet adds to her rather smelly problem.  What amazes me is when she passes gas, she will look at us and groan like we did it.  Sometimes she’ll snort and leave the room.  She is a master at both passing the gas and passing the buck!


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