Home Schooling

I am a home schooling mom.  I wish I could say it was over major ideology beliefs.  I wish I could stand on my soap box and announce to the world all the reasons, but I can’t.   I just home school because it works for us…sometimes.  Being a home schooling mom is a bumpy road.  It is a road pitted with mountain tops and valleys.  What amazes me is sometimes the road changes on an hourly basis.  Some days I truly wonder why we embarked on this path.  It has long hours, virtually no time off, and cranky employers.  But on those days where everything goes together, there is nothing better.

I home school five kids ages 7 through 17.   I have always home schooled them.  They have never made it to public school.   We started home schooling when my oldest was in Kindergarten.  Our neighborhood had been rezoned 3 times in 3 years and I didn’t like idea of sending my son to one school and then the next year sending him to another.  My husband and I decided to enroll him in a small private school until our neighborhood’s zoning had stabilized.   I signed him up and we were set, until I starting looking at the qualifications of the teachers.  I quickly realized that I had more education than most of them.  This gave me pause.   As it got closer for us to write that first tuition check, my husband and I decided to try home schooling.  Our neighbor was a major home schooler and I had spent several hours talking to her.  After mulling it over, we decided we surely could handle Kindergarten, and our adventure began.

It proved to be a blessing in October of the same year, as we had a wonderful opportunity to move from Mississippi to Alabama (with a small stint in Indiana while we closed on our house.)  Home schooling let us move without any break in classes.  Our first year worked out so well, we decided to try it for another year…

It proved to be the right move for our family, especially when our parents started to have health issues.  The flexibility was invaluable.   We were able to leave at the drop of a hat.  It was wonderful not having to worry about absences and missed work – we simply packed up our books and headed off.

There are so many options for parents today.  I think you should find the one that works for you.  Home schooling works for my family, but it is not easy and certainly is not for the faint of heart.  It affects the whole family and everyone must be on board.  I will say that although the work is hard, the rewards are great.  It is a life style that I would definitely recommend.


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