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Who buys these books?

  I am teaching an art appreciation class at my kids’ home school co-op.  I have been trying to do better this year by planning things out a few weeks ahead of schedule.  Tonight I was looking for something different … Continue reading

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Snopes…find it….use it!

I am a conservative Christian person, but even I am smart enough to realize some of these things don’t make any sense. Why! Oh Why!  Can’t we go to Snopes or another Ura check it out before we send it … Continue reading

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Can that be? Pears and Avocados don’t ripen on trees

Who knew but this is true.  I feel a bit on the dumb side because we have a pear tree.  We usually throw the pears to the goats because they never seem to ripen.  Our pears are always like baseballs. … Continue reading

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