Can this be true?

I am a very curious person.  If I hear something I don’t know about, I have to figure it out. The sad part is it is usually useless trivia that no one else really cares about, but for some reason it sets me on a quest to learn more. Questions will swirl in my mind until I find an answer.  Driving down the interstate recently, we passed a truck pulling a trailer with  “Art by Yei Mei” on it.  I became obsessed with figuring out who is Yei Mei and what is his or her craft.  I never did figure out who Yei Mei was.  It’s still a mystery.  I did find a nail saloon in Guangzhou, China but I don’t think it’s the same since my mystery started near Kennett, Mo.

Some one will mention in passing, “mules are always females”.  I find myself wondering “Really, always female…can that be?”  On a True/False test when something is stated as being always, the odds are with you to guess false.  So really, are mules always female?  Its time to google it.

Google is my best friend.  Google helps me be a gatherer of useless facts.  My iphone is an ally in this quest for useless information.  It has opened the world in my gathering of useless information.  I now can see something and instantly search for an answer.


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