Pinterest Fail!

When we did the Charlie Brown Program at church, I thought we could do two ornaments.  One for the older kids and one for the younger ones.  The older kids would paint Charlie Brown and the younger ones would make “Charlie Brown Trees”.

Pinterest led me down a path…It looked so easy…..until we did it.  Now, I will admit I made a classic mistake.   It looked so easy I thought, “We’re running out of time.  I don’t need a prototype.”  I learned a valuable lesson.  You ALWAYS need a prototype.

I was also amazed that the kids could not tie a granny knot to save them.  They were clueless.  Luckily, they pressed on and had fun but there were no “Charlie Brown Christmas Trees” produced.

Over Christmas, we did a massive re-organization at home.  We moved the boys’ room and did some serious decluttering.  During the process, I discovered the bag of “trees”.   I decided to save the ribbon for future projects, but when I took a closer look I decided to see if I could revamp them.

Here is a picture of tangled mess.


Upon closer inspection, I noticed with a little unwrapping and reknoting, the little trees could be saved.


To make these, here is what I did.  I started with ribbons all cut to the same length.  The length depended on how big your trees were.  In the lesson learn category, I should have used a shorter ribbon.  The longer ones worked fine, but there was a lot waste.

The key to making these trees is to tie a tight granny or square knot.   Once you tie the tight knot, make sure the ribbons go perpendicular to the stick.  To get the tree shape, just spread out the ribbons and trim them to the shape you want.

The moral of this story is with a bit of patience this Pinterest fail turned into a success.


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