Cleaning Time

This Christmas break we have been doing what it seems like everyone has been doing.  We have been cleaning.  With my older guys away at school, my younger boy was too nervous to sleep on the other side of the house from us, so we bit the bullet and moved rooms.

It has been a complete and total mess.  Luckily, we are on the other side and finally the mess is clearing.  We still have two rooms to attack, but the beauty of moving is you really do go through all your stuff.  I was amazed at how much really junk…let’s be honest…it was junk…we were able to get rid of.

On the last big clean day, I gave the kids their assignments and we all got to work.  I was so proud.  They were so quiet.  It was obivious they were taking the tasks serious until I heard the gleeful feet of three kids running to the bathroom to check out thier work.

This is what you do when your momma thinks you are cleaning.


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