Nature Studies Christmas

This year at the co-op, I am teaching a Nature Studies class for K-2 graders.  I wanted to do something for Christmas but at the same stay with the nature studies theme.

Pinterest came to my rescue with this cute star ornament – “Twiggy Stars” from  I never was able to access the site it kept coming up with a database error, but a picture was all that was needed.


We started the class with a nature walk to find the sticks.  We talked about how plants and animals get ready for winter as we searched for the perfect sticks to break up to form our star. Once we got the sticks, we went back inside and started our project. The kids broke the sticks to the size they wanted and then I hot glued them together.

I brought in a mountain of yarn from my stash and the kids proceeded to start adding color.  All the kids had to do was add a knot and start wrapping.  They turned out really cute.  Each and everyone was different.  I was amazed at the diffences.  Some of the kids stuck with one color and others went hog wild.

One tip I have is be prepared to re-glue the sticks. Some of the boys were over exuberant and wrapped them too tight. A quick dab of glue fixed it.

Hope got in the thick on things and surprised me with this as a Christmas present.


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