Favorite New Ornaments

Every year we add a new ornament…really ornaments…to our tree.  The last couple of years, they have been homemade ones.  Over the next couple of days, I am going to highlight my favorites.

In honor of our deep love for Charlie Brown and the miracles of Pinterest, we found our first one.


Hope made a Charlie Brown Ornament.  It was pretty easy.  For this one, we just spray painted a clear ball tan…this was the closest we could find for tan… and then added his features.  The features were done using a black acrylic paint.  We used a clear ornament, but any ornament would work.  It would be a good way to recycle an old ornament, you just don’t love anymore.

Just to make sure that everyone knew who he was, we added this note.


We loved it!  Plus it was really easy to do, so we had our Mission Madness kids create a bunch for presents  for  the church staff members and volunteers.

Every year, we stress to the kids how important the staff and volunteers are and how we should show our thanks to them.  This dovetailed in nicely.  The kids watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and then painted the ornaments.  Our lesson was all about being thankful.

IMG_6924 (1)

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