I hate Raccoons!

I remember a time when I thought Raccoons were the cutest thing ever.  Today, I think they are Demon’s from the Dark.  They have successfully killed all most of our chickens and the poor duck.

The raccoons wouldn’t make me as mad if they actually ate what they killed, but they just seem to go in and massacre them.   Once everything was dead, they just leave.  Last night, we had our second massacre.  Jacob heard the commotion and was able to save one chicken and the three chicks, our broody hen successfully hatched.  The momma chicken was killed…sigh!

Jacob was really upset especially since he watched the raccoon run off with one of the chicks.  Luckily, Jacob must have scared the masked demon and it dropped the chick.  This morning at sunrise, Jacob heard the kidnapped chick chirping in the yard and was able to go outside and get it.

The three chicks were reunited and now are living in our utility room in our old rabbit cage.  Our last remaining hen is hanging out on our patio.



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