Where did I go wrong?

Here’s what I normally use to make mashed potatoes out of……

My squirts came running in from outside screaming “Can we have potatoes?  Aaron has potatoes?”  This surprised me a bit, because I know I didn’t make any potatoes.  I knew the older guys didn’t make potatoes because the kitchen was clean.  Where did these potatoes come from?  Come to find out.  At the last youth retreat, the kids had….

instant potatoes.  The church ladies sent the box home with the older guys.  A new love has entered into my squirts’ hearts.  They love these things.  Who knew!  My husband was dumbfounded that they preferred “fake potatoes”  over “the real thing”.  Where did we go wrong?  Next thing you know they will prefer Velveeta over Cheddar or worst yet margarine to butter!

On the upside, instant potatoes are so much easier to prepare!

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