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What’s for Dinner? Italian Wedding Soup

I came across this site while I was catching up on my morning news.  I have no idea how I got there, but Chef  Fabio Viviani is a hoot.  Besides being entertaining, this recipe looked great.  I had to make a … Continue reading

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What are You Giving Up?

The question of the week has been “What are you giving up?”  We have pondered and pondered this issue.  The kids are fretting.  It is a major deal.  This conversation provides much confusion to people outside of the family.  I … Continue reading

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Guitar…here comes Will!

Will, one of my squirts, was born without his left forearm.  He is an amazing little fellow.  There is very little that he can’t do.  He climbs trees, plays basketball, rides bikes, etc.  There is not a day that goes … Continue reading

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The Epic Battle

Aaron is my middle son.  He really enjoys having a younger brother and sister mainly because they give him a reason to play.  He has his dad’s playful nature.  He is the one more likely than not to be found … Continue reading

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Sometimes Mom is Right

My mom has been wanting to buy me a Keurig forever.  I have fought her on it.  Never even considered it.  My arguments were simple.  “My stars I have five kids.  Do you know how much those canisters cost?  I … Continue reading

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Definitely One of those Days!

Yesterday, I would have to say I had one of those days.  It started simple enough.  Robbi, my oldest DH, has violin lessons.  I had to be at the church my 8:30.  I was so happy!  I remembered my Biosphere … Continue reading

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Plants: Our Latest Science Project Step 2

We have been watching our bulbs growing and working on a myriad of worksheets thanks to Enchanted  It is an amazing source for projects, worksheets, project books, etc.  I love it.  It is also quite a deal at $20.00 … Continue reading

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